Brooklyn Churches – 1822

A very imcomplete list of Brooklyn Churches:

Spooner’s City Directory – 1822

Reform Dutch Church

situated in Joralemon street, near Fulton
Rev Selah S. Woodhull, Pastor
Jeremiah A. Remsen
Abramham A. Remsen
Peter Berger
Adolphus Brower
John C. Freeke
Leffert Lefferts
Thomas Skillman

St. Ann’s Episcopal Church

situated in Sands street corner Washington
Rev Henry V. Onderdonk, Rector
Joshua Sands
William Cornell
John H. Moore
James B. Clarke
Robert Bosh
Robert Carter
Adam Tredwell
Losee Van Nostrand
Fanning C. Tucker
A H Van Bokklin
William Cornwell Treas.


Methodist Episcopal Church

situated in Sands street between Fulton and Washington streets
Rev Lewis Pease. Pastor in charge
1st Class Trustees

John Garrison
Joseph Moser
2nd Class Trustees
Isaac Moser
Joseph Herbert
3rd Class Trustees
George Smith
William Foster
Joseph Moser Treas.

First Presbyterian Church

(Incorporated Feb 1822)
New Building Cranberry st between Hicks and Henry streets
No Pastor

Zechariah Smith
Selden Gates
Ezra C. Woodhull
Natheniel Howland
Elkanah Doolittle
Alden Spooner
Joseph Sprague
Silas Butler
John B Graham
George Hall
Charles H. Richards
Ezra C. Woodhull Treas.



Roman Catholic Society

George S. Wise jun. President
Quintin M. Sulivan 1st Vice Presd’t
James Rose 2nd Vice Presd’t
Peter Turner Secretary
William Purcel Treasurer
George M’Closky
Darby Dawson
John Kenney
Dennis Cosgrave
Nicholas Stafford Pres’t & Sec’y, ex officio
A lot of ground, situated in Jay street, near the rope-wlk, is
purchased and inclosed in a husdsome fanse, which is intended as the site
of a Roman Catholic Church. On the 18th of April, 1822, the ground was
consecrated by the Bishop, in the presence of a large assemblage of
persons. Some material are on the spot, intended fro the building, which is
expected to be completed during the present year.

African Methodist Church

situated in High street near Bridge street
There is now no resident clergyman to this church, but one is shortly expected.
Preachers and Class leaders
Peter Croger
Benjamin Croger
James Thompson
Caesar Spingfield
John Corson
Michael Thompson
Charles Ash

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