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The Osborn’s of Brooklyn

Another family with Brooklyn roots has written a family history for us to display on the site.  Anybody related that finds this page should contact the author directly.

England to New York

Robert and Sophia Osborn were both born in 1799 or 1800. They were both from England. They moved to Wales, had a daughter Mary Ann Osborn on August 21, 1830. The family immigrated to America in 1837. They went to Brooklyn to set up house. When they got to America Sophia had another daughter and they named her Anna Maria. I found Mary Ann living in a boarding house in 1850, she was 18. Soon after this she met and married a Mr. Rupert, I have never found anything about him. On September 18, 1858 Robert Osborn Rupert was born in Brooklyn, NY. Shortly after a sister, Elizabeth Rupert was born. I do not have any information about other than her nickname was Libby. She married a man with the last name of Cox they had 2 children, Rupert(whom they called Purty) and Lewis.

Robert Osborn Rupert married Kathryn Leighton Phillips born in Jersey City, NJ on June 3rd, 1859, on June 3, 1884 in Brooklyn, NY. Robert was born at 158 High Street in Brooklyn.

They had a son, Robert Osborn Rupert, Jr on August 6, 1885. Sometime after this the family moved to Indianapolis, IN. Robert married my Great Grandmother, Hazel Fern Trees b. in Warrington, In October 25, 1889 on March 6, 1909 in Indianapolis, IN. They had 2 children. Winifred Jeanette Rupert was born January 16, 1910 and Robert Theodore “Ted” Rupert born June 6, 1911.

The original Robert Osborn that came from England died September 21, 1854, he is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn NY. he was living at 266 8th Avenue, New York He died of Bilious Fever.

Sophia married a Tunstill sometime after Robert died. She was living at 70 Jackson Street, Brooklyn, NY. She died July 4th 1888 and is buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY.

Mary Ann Osborn Rupert ended up marrying a Ewing. She died December 15, 1886 and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery. Her last known address was 268 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, NY.

The rest of the family all lived out their lives and died in Indianapolis. Except for Anna Maria, she married a Leonard Huking. They are both buried in Greenwood Cemetery. Anna had all her Osborn Family buried in her mother-in-law’s lot.

Ginger Hipszky,

Red Hook History

If you have ancestors living in Brooklyn in the 1800’s there is a good chance they are living in Red Hook.  This ship building and dock community provided jobs to many poor Irish immigrants including my own ancestors.

The name of Red Hook originates from the Dutch “Roode Hoek” meaning “Red Point” for the Red clay that covered the area.

Street Names

Beard St.

– Irish Immigrant William Beard lived 1806-1886 and created the Erie Basin. The Beard St Warehouse built in 1869 still stands today. Beards son was Colonel William Beard (1839-1893) was one of the wealthiest men in Brooklyn and a big supporter of the republican party.

Coffey St.

– Named after Michael Joseph Coffey (1839- 1907). District leader of the 12th Ward, later became alderman and state senator. Coffey was so popular that supporters called the Twelfth Ward “Coffeyville” an Partition St was renamed Coffey St. in his honor.

Conover St.

– John Conover was an 18th century land owner

Dikeman St.

– One of earliest families to settle in the Hook. Judge John Dikeman (1794-1879) was author of the 1870 manuscript “The Brooklyn Compendium” and the long time oldest surviving member of the Kings county Bar.

Luquer St.

– The “Luqueer” family were a major landowners. Abraham Luqueer (1739-1823) and his son Nicholas was a wealthy Mill owner whose mill stood at Huntington and Hicks streets. They, along with the Van Dyke Brothers controlled good portion of Twelfth Ward.

Richards St.

– Col. Daniel Richards was a leading developer in south Brooklyn in mid 18th century, developed Atlantic Docks and Atlantic Basin as well as Warehouses, factories and first grain elevator in the area.

Van Brunt St.

– The Van Brunt name in Brooklyn extends back to Dutch Slave holding family headed by Rutgert Joesten Van Brunt.  A Century later his descendent, another Rutgert Van Brunt was a member of the New York State Assembly for the years 1783 – 1784.

Van Dyke St.

– Jan Thomasse Van Dyke was an Dutch Settler who settled in Brooklyn in 1640. His descendents Thomas and Nicholas Van Dyke were major property owners until they were both dead in 1834.

Wolcott St.

– Oliver Wolcott, lived from 1726 -1797, was a signer of the Declaration of Independence, Delegate to Continental Congress, Brigadier General and Governor of Connecticut. His son, Oliver Walcott Jr. succeeded Alexander Hamilton as secretary of the Treasury.

The Bowery Boys

A great podcast by The Bowery Boys outlines much of Red Hook’s history in this fantastic audio presentation.

Brooklyn Links

In an effort to organize the Genealogy blog, we are creating this list of Brooklyn and New York specific links. We also have this page of Genealogy links.

We also have lists of New York Cemeteries, New York Death Records, New York Marriage Records, New York Church Records and Surnames Databases.


The Brooklyn Navy Yard

Anybody with a Brooklyn Genealogy in the 1800’s stands a good chance of having a family member connection to the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Ship builders, Iron Workers and other tradesmen found work in high numbers all the way up to its closing in 1966, employing upwards of 70,000 during it’s peak period of production during WWII. My own Great Great Grandfather was listed as an Iron Worker, Engineer, and Ship Builder in both the New York and US Federal Census reports throughout his entire adult life. His Son in law (my great grandfather) was listed as an Iron worker at the age of 16 on the 1900 census, until his death certificate in 1937 lists him as lifetime Iron Worker in the Navy Yard. My 2x Great Grandfather lived to be 84 years old, and outlived both of my Great Grandparents, and at least one of his Grandchildren, killed in Normandy. To illustrate how unique this was for the time, my other 2x Great Grandfather died in 1890, over 54 years earlier, leaving behind 5 children under the age of 10. I mentioned earlier my Great Grandfather was an Iron Worker by age 16, (as was his 17 year old brother) and knowing that he grew up right next door to the woman he would marry, it is entirely possible that my 2x Great Grandfather took a fatherly roll in the neighbors life and helped them acquire a job that would support them both until their deaths many years later. By all accounts the

My Great Grandfather was a lifelong employee at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, sometimes called the New York Navy Yard

Brooklyn Navy Yard plays a tremendous roll in my own family history, so I think it important to mention a few points for anybody interested in their family history, the history of Brooklyn, or America in general.

Brief History of the Brooklyn Navy Yard

The Brooklyn Navy Yard opened in 1801 on Wallabout Bay, part of New Yorks East River. It is on the site of the first European inhabited land on Long Island. Joris Jansen Rapelje first purchased over
300 acre’s of land at this location from the Canarsee Indians in 1637.

The site encountered it’s most disturbing period during the time of the America Revolutionary War when the British docked several ships in Wallabout Bay that housed many thousands of prisoners between the years of 1776 – 1781. The conditions the continental soldiers were kept in on board these ships led to the death of over 10,000 soldiers. While combat casualty numbers for the Revolutionary War are only estimates, it is generally thought that the 10,000 soldiers killed on these prison ships is more then the 8,000 total Continental Army combat fatalities.

Following the war the location was used for new ship construction. The land was purchased by the federal government in 1801 and soon after became an active Navy Shipyard as a result of President John Adams push for a strong Navy.

On January 1st, 1808 the United State made the importation of slaves Illegal, and the Brooklyn Navy Yard provided no fewer then 10 ships that patroled the waters off the coast of Africa starting in
1820 and ending with the U.S. Civil War.

In later years the Navy Yard saw it’s greatest boom during WWII, and finally closed in 1966.

Ships Built in the Brooklyn Navy Yard

There are many ships built in the Brooklyn Navy Yard worth mentioning, and this list is certainly not going to cover all of them, but instead will include just a few of the more notable and historic vessels built there.

      • Launched in February 1855, the USS Niagara was used to lay the Transatlantic telegraph cable over the years of 1857 & 1858
      • The USS Monitor constructed in just 3 months during the winter of 1861 – 1862, was the first Ironclad Warship commisioned by the US Navy. It is most famous for surving several key battles during the civil war.  It’s new design however, was not perfected and the ship sunk during a storm in the waters off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina on December 31st, 1862
      • The USS Maine was launched from the Brooklyn Navy Yard in 1890. An exposion aboard the Maine caused it’s sinking in Havana Harbor on February 15th 1898. This event led to the U.S. entering what would become the Spanish American War, even though the explosion was, and is still widely believed an have been an accident

        Pearl Harbor
        Taken aboard the USS Missouri in 2001. The USS Arizona memorial is visible in the background. Both Vessels were built at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.
      • The USS Missouri, currently a museum in Pearl Harbor, was constructed at the Brooklyn Navy Yard between the years 1941 – 1944. It became the site of the signing of the Japanese Instrument of Surrender in Tokyo Bay on September 2nd, 1945.  Signed by then Japanese General Yoshijirō Umezu, as well as represenatives of at least 9 Allied Nations.
      • The USS Arizona launched from the Brooklyn Navy Yard in 1916 and was sunk on December 7th, 1941 during the attack on Pearl Harbor Hawaii.

The Brooklyn Navy Yard Museum

Today, you can visit the museum located in Building 92. Check for a schedule of bike and walking tours, and for museum hours. From the Bldg 92 website:

BLDG 92 is located at the intersection of Carlton and Flushing Avenue at 63 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205
The Brooklyn Navy Yard is located on Brooklyn’s waterfront between the Williamsburg and Manhattan Bridges and surrounded by DUMBO/Vinegar Hill, Fort Greene and Williamsburg sections of Brooklyn.

GreenWood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York

Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York
Green-Wood Cemetery in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Founded in 1838.

Green-wood Cemetery hours:
Main Entrance – 7:45am to 5pm
Other Entrances – 8am – 4pm

500 25th Street
Brooklyn, New York 11232

You can locate the cemetery your ancestor is buried in from their Death Certificate. Contact our genealogist if you have decided you need our help, or if you just don’t want to waste time trying to put all the pieces together.

Return to New York Cemeteries

Listen to the history of Green-Wood Cemetery as presented by the Bowery Boys Podcast.



Here Comes Brooklyn

We always welcome and Brooklyn or Genealogy related guest posts on the site.  Enjoy the following:

My grandfather, Murray Fox, fell in love with Edie Zebrak in the summer of 1947. Newly home from the war, Murray and his friends spotted Edie, a friend of a friend, at one end of Coney Island Beach with tuna fish sandwiches. My grandfather promptly went back for seconds, and the rest as they say is history.

I started recording music under the pseudonym “Here Comes Brooklyn” in 2011. According to an infamous family story, my grandma Edie’s cousin used to say at the sight of my grandfather, “Ay! Here comes Brooklyn!” in her low, scratchy, Yiddish ridden accent. My grandfather always found it vaguely irritating, but the story has since become an integral part of the Fox-Tepper family oral history, and has resonated with me ever since.

As three of my four grandparents are from Brooklyn, I find myself living an eerily parallel existence to my grandfather in his 20’s. Originally from Rockville, MD, I moved to New York for college and soon found myself attending concerts in the deep end of the dried McCarren Park Pool where my grandpa Murray and grandma Edie swam in as children.

I wrote the song “Bluebirds” using a very repetitive, circular musical phrase to represent the circular nature of generations, specifically my parents growing up, becoming adults, having children of their own, and watching their children, my sister and me, grow up.

After the song was finished, my mom found old reels of 16mm film in our basement and realized they were long lost home films dating from the late 40’s to 1963. My grandma Edie died of lung cancer when I was only five and, as those were the days before Facebook, Instagram, and iPhones, I had not seen real film footage of my grandmother at any age or of my grandfather as a young man. I had at least pictures of my mom and uncle as children, but up to that point only grainy black and white renderings of my grandparents.

Eventually I took the film and cut it up to “Bluebirds,” superimposing the song on a generation earlier so the boy and girl depicted at the beginning were my grandpa and grandma, and their kids my mom and uncle. Out of everything I’ve done as Here Comes Brooklyn, this is the most personal.

My grandfather grew up on Siegel Street where his family owned a housewares store called Fox’s Trimmings, and my grandmother on McKibbin Park where her father was the neighborhood’s kosher butcher. While my grandmother sadly is no longer with us, my grandfather at 85 has not matured a day since his goofball days in Brooklyn.

I hope you enjoy this little slice of my family.


Alex Tepper/Here Comes Brooklyn



New York Obituaries

Finding Obituaries, New York or otherwise, can be tricky. Usually during genealogy you will be wanting to find historical records, not modern day ones. Still, I will be doing my best to compile a list of Obituary sites that you may find useful. Please let us know if you have a site you would like included to this list.  Visit our page of New York Newspapers if you do not find a local Obituary page here.

New York City Obituaries




Staten Island

Nassau County

Suffolk County

Newspapers outsides New York City and Long Island Area

  • Bath – The Steuben Courier Obituaries
  • Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin Obituaries
  • Buffalo News Deaths and Archives
  • Callicoon – Sullivan County Democrat – Must select Obits.
  • Canandaigua Daily Messenger Obituaries
  • Cooperstown Crier Obituaries
  • Corning Leader Obituaries
  • Dunkirk – The Observer Obituaries
  • East Aurora Advertiser Obituaries
  • Elmira – Star-Gazette Obituaries
  • Finger Lakes Times Obituaries
  • Fulton Daily News Obituaries
  • Pelham Weekly Obituaries
  • Plattsburgh Press-Republican Obituaries and Archives
  • Port Chester Westmore News Obituaries
  • Poukeepsie Journal Obituaries
  • Rochester Democrat and Chronicle Obituaries
  • Rome Daily Sentinel Obituaries
  • Rye Brook Westmore News Obituaries
  • Salmanaca Press Death Notices
  • Saratoga Today Newspaper Obituaries
  • Saratogian Obituaries
  • Schenectady – The Daily Gazette
  • Spencerport – West Side News Deaths
  • Syracuse – The Eagle Bulletin Obituaries
  • Syracuse – The Post-Standard Obituaries
  • Troy – The Record Obituaries
  • Utica – The Observer-Dispatch Obituaries
  • Watertown Daily Times Obituaries
  • Wellsville Daily Reporter Obituaries

Brooklyn Synagogue List

Many of the Synagogues on this list are not current. The order of the list is alphabetical by street name, so if you have an ancestors address, you can locate what would have been the closest Synagogue to their home.

  • Beth El of Borough Park
    4050 12th Avenue
  • Yeshiva Etz Chaim
    5000 13th Avenue
  • Tifereth Israel of South Brooklyn
    385 14th Street
  • Synagogue 399
    14th Street
  • B’nai Jacob 651
    17th Avenue
  • Synagogue
    13817th Street
  • B’nai Israel Benevolent Association
    154 17th Street
  • Chesed Shel Emeth of South Brooklyn
    157 17th Street
  • B’nai Scholaum
    19th Street & Fifth Avenue
  • Machzikei Talmud Torah
    1315 43rd Street
  • Yeshiva Toras Emes
    1315 43rd Street
  • Young Israel of Boro Park
    1349 50th Street
  • Shulamith School for Girls
    1349 50th Street
  • Beth Israel Talmud Torah
    1755 63rd Street
  • Tifereth Israel
    2025 64th Street
  • Mapleton Park Hebrew Institute
    2024 66th Street
  • Congregation Ahava v’Achva
    2028 66th Street
  • Ahi Ezer Congregation
    2165 71st Street
  • People’s Temple
    85th Street & 22nd Avenue
  • Beth Israel
    232 Ainslie Street
  • Chevre B’nai Abraham
    348 Alabama Avenue
  • Beth Sholom Tomchei Harav
    455 Alabama Avenue
  • The Brooklyn Synagogue
    332 Albany Avenue
  • Shaare Torah
    Albermarle Road & East 21st Street
  • B’nai Israel of Brownsville
    97 Amboy Street
  • Chevre Torah Anshe Radishkowitz
    139 Amboy Street
    Radoshkovichi, Belarus
  • Agudath Achim Anshe Sfard
    196 Amboy Street
  • Temple Sinai
    Arlington & Bradford Avenues
  • Chevre Chaye Adam
    336 Ashford Street
  • Anshe Munshe
    344 Ashford Street
  • Crowning Glory of Israel
    481 Ashford Street
  • Atereth Tifereth Israel
    528 Ashford Street
  • Talmud Torah Anshei Zedek
    308 Atkins Avenue
  • Talmud Torah Beth Jacob Joseph
    368 Atlantic Avenue
  • Ocean Avenue Synagogue
    1721 Avenue J
  • Temple Ahavath Sholom
    Avenue R & East 16th Street
  • Chevre Atereth Zvi of East New York
    482 Barbey Street
  • Nachlas Hosiah
    89 Barret Street
  • Shaarei Torah
    8669 Bay 16th Street
  • Sons of Israel
    79 Bay 22nd Street
  • Young Israel of Bensonhurst
    48 Bay 28th Street
  • Congregation Beth Hillel
    6420 Bay Parkway
  • Knesseth Israel d’Bath Beach
    Bay Parkway & 85th Street
  • 1835 Bay Ridge Parkway
    Tifereth Israel of Bensonhurst
  • 11 Beaver Street
    Beth Aaron
  • 260 Bedford Avenue
  • 491 Bedford Avenue
    Tifereth Israel
  • 559 Bedford Avenue
  • 563 Bedford Avenue
    Young Israel of Brooklyn
  • 620 Bedford Avenue
    B’nai Israel
  • 904 Bedford Avenue
    Beth Jehudah
  • 2059 Bedford Avenue
    Judea Center Synagogue
  • 2170 Bedford Avenue
    Young Israel of Prospect Park
  • 2252 Bedford Avenue
    Shaarei Torah
  • Bedford Avenue & Church Avenue
    Brooklyn Talmudical Academy (TA)
  • Bedford Avenue & Church Avenue
    Bais Rachel Girls Yeshiva
  • Bedford Avenue & Dean Street
    United Lubavitch Yeshivoth
  • Bedford Avenue & Lafayette Avenue
    Temple Israel (1893: A. H. Geismar)
  • Bedford Avenue & Snyder Avenue
    Central Yeshiva High School for Girls
  • 961 Bergen Street
    Ohel Isaac
  • 1902 Bergen Street
    Yeshivat Hagro
  • 368 Berriman Street
    Oheb Zedek
  • 35 Blake Avenue
    Kenesseth Israel Beth Jacob
  • 142 Blake Avenue
    Anshei Steibts
  • 318 Blake Avenue
    Hassidic Rabbi Stetin
  • 502 Blake Avenue
    Yeshivath Rabbi Hersch Leib Berlin
  • 522 Blake Avenue
    Zhitomir, Ukraine Zitomer Chevre
  • 537 Blake Avenue
    Beth Israel Talmud Torah
  • 662 Blake Avenue
    Chevre Mishnayes Beth Jacob
  • Boerum Place & State Street
    Baith Israel
  • 172 Boerum Street
    Chevre Anshei Tov of Brooklyn
  • 345 Bridge Street
    Mount Sinai
  • 17 Bristol Street
    Neshvizh, Belarus? Anshe Neshwitz
  • 49 Bristol Street
    Poale Zedek
  • 113 Bristol Street
    Beth Abraham
  • 115 Bristol Street
    Agudath Achim Anshe Homb Tzerougon
  • 215 Bristol Street
    First Deshower Anshe Sphard
  • 219 Bristol Street
    Niewesser Old Friends of Brownsville
  • 361 Bristol Street
    Kiyev, Ukraine Kiever & Homler Congregation
  • 375 Bristol Street
    Ostrolenka, Poland Ahavath Israel Anshe Ostrolenko
  • 176 Brooklyn Avenue
    Shaare Zion
  • 285 Buffalo Avenue
    Beth Jacob
  • 270 Buffalo Avenue
    Sheveth Achim
  • 1032 Carroll Street Machne Chodosh
  • 1419 Carroll StreetLancut, Poland Lanzuter Congregation Beth David
  • 1612 Carroll Street
    Adath Jacob
  • 28 Chester Street
    Anshe Jesierna
  • 31 Chester Street
    Peilishe Chosidim
  • 123 Chester Street
    Dokshitsy, Belarus Anshe Dokshitz
  • 167 Chester Street
    Agudath Achim Anshei Homel
  • 169 Chester Street
    Nachlath Israel
  • 182 Chester Street
    Lubaczow, Poland Bikur Cholim Anshei Libishov of Brownsville
  • 324 Chester Street
    Kol Israel of Brownsville
  • 427 Chester Street
    Anshe Zedek Nusach Ari
  • 436 Chester Street
    Chevre T’hillim Kesser Torah Israel
  • Chester Street & Riverdale Avenue
    Anshei Zimblin
  • 65 Christopher Avenue
    Chevre B’nai Aaron
  • 100 Christopher Avenue
    Kol Israel of Brownsville
  • 141 Christopher Avenue
    Tifereth B’nai Jacob
  • 199 Christopher Avenue
    Zhitomir, Ukraine Ohel Abraham (Zitomer)
  • 199 Christopher Avenue
    Hachnosath Orchim Hagadol Tifereth Zion u’Jerusalem
  • 228 Christopher Avenue
    Radoshkovichi, Belarus? Achim B’nai Israel Anshei Radish Konitz
  • 349 Christopher Avenue
    Beth Israel of Brownsville
  • 9102 Church Avenue
    Yeshiva Rabbi David Lubowitz
  • 109 Clara Street
    Linath Hazedek
  • Cleremont & Willoughby Avenues
    Fort Greene Jewish Center
  • 464 Cleveland Street
    Chevre Anshei Chaye Adam
  • Columbia Street
    Achai Israel
  • 1343 Coney Island Avenue
    Jewish Communal Center
  • Coney Island Avenue & Neptune Avenue
    Beth Jacob of Brighton Beach
  • 13 Cook Street
    Ziphrah Zered
  • 18 Cook Street
    Chevre Beth Aaron Koydinow
  • 44 Cook Street
    Cook Street Synagogue (1893: Philip Feldblum)
  • 48 Cook Street
    Tifereth Israel
  • 71 Cook Street
    Chevre Agudath Achim Anshei Brooklyn
  • 103 Cook Street
    Bukowina, Galicia Chevre Rabenu Chaim Hager Anshei Galicia Bukowina
  • 1618 Cornelia Street
    Agudas Israel of Ridgewood
  • 2310 Cortelyou Road
    Kesser Torah of Flatbush
  • 310 Crown Street
    Yeshiva of Crown Heights
  • 377 Crown Street
    K’hal Machzikei Hadas
  • 765 Crown Street
    Tomche Torah
  • 822 Crown Street
    Tifereth B’nai Jacob
  • 514 Dahill Road
    First Congregation of Kensington Tifereth Israel
  • 2134 Dean Street
    Bikur Cholim B’nai Jacob
  • 2220 Dean Street
    Chevre Mishnayeth
  • 73 Debevoise Street
    House of Abraham
  • 928 DeKalb Avenue
    B’nai Jacob Joseph d’Brooklyn
  • 724 Driggs Avenue
    Myszyniec, Poland Agudath Achim Anshei Mishnitz
  • 726 Driggs Avenue
    Adath Jeshurun Anshei Sphard
  • 339 Dumont Avenue
    Anshe Sphard
  • 403 Dumont Avenue
    Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland Anshei Petrikov mi’Brownsville
  • 551 Dumont Avenue
    Ahavath Achim Sdey Chodosh
  • Dumont Avenue & Howard Avenue
    Moshav Zkeinim Synagogue
  • 305 East 21st Street
    Shaare Torah of Flatbush
  • 203 East 37th Street Ahavath Achim of Flatbush
  • 877 East 47th StreetBeth Hamedrash Hagadol
  • 347 East 49th Street
    Tifereth Yehudah
  • 438 East 49th Street
    Young Israel of Rugby
  • 779 East 49th Street
    Jewish Center of Hyde Park
  • 810 East 49th Street
    Shaare Israel
  • East 49th Street & Rutland Road
    Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital Synagogue
  • 492 East 51st Street
    Agudas Achim Anshe Harodic
  • 35 East 52nd Street
    Talmud Torah Tushiah
  • 407 East 53rd Street
    B’nai Abraham of East Flatbush
  • 158 East 56th Street
    Poale Agudath Israel of East Flatbush
  • 888 East 56th Street
    Glenwood Jewish Center
  • 619 East 76th Street
    Young Israel of Redwood
  • 923 East 83rd Street
    Athereth Israel (1924-5)
  • 348 East 92nd Street
    Shaarey Zion
  • 68 East 94th Street
    Monastyriska, Ukraine Chevre Nachlas Joshua Chasidei Monastritsch
  • 196 East 94th Street
    Ternovka, Ukraine Achim Ternovker
  • 80 East 95th Street
    Lubavichi, USSR? Chevre Bikur Cholim Anshei Libuwitz
  • 409 East 95th Street
    Yeshiva Rishon l’Zion
  • 1453 East New York Avenue
    B’nai Israel Anshe Oizer Tov
  • 1458 East New York Avenue
    Chevre Ahavath Achim
  • 667 Eastern Parkway
    The Brooklyn Jewish Center
  • 711 Eastern Parkway
    Beth Ieshaje
  • 829 Eastern Parkway
    Ahavath Torah
  • 881 Eastern Parkway
    Netzach Israel
  • 881 Eastern Parkway
    Aitz Chaim
  • 885 Eastern Parkway
    Chovevei Torah (Murphy’s Shul)
  • 937 Eastern Parkway
    Young Israel of Eastern Parkway
  • 1148 Eastern Parkway
    Temple Sinai
  • 1154 Eastern Parkway
    Poale Agudath Israel of Crown Heights
  • 1237 Eastern ParkwaySynagogue
  • 1367 Eastern Parkway
    B’nai Mordechai
  • 1403 Eastern Parkway
    Adath Jeshurun
  • 1700 Eastern Parkway
    Beth Jacob
  • 512 Elton Street
    Chevre T’hillim
  • 489 Empire Boulevard
    Chevre Ahavath Achim Anshei Sphard
  • 599 Empire Boulevard
    Beth Am
  • 646 Empire Boulevard
    Beth Aaron
  • 709 Empire Boulevard
    Sons of Israel
  • 151 Engert Avenue
    Anshei Sholom of Greenpoint
  • 2811 Farragut Road
    Young Israel of Vanderveer Park
  • 534 Flatbush Avenue Prospect Park
    Jewish Community Center
  • 859 Flatbush Avenue Bialystok,
    Poland Bialystoker Bikur Cholim
  • 87 (115) Fountain Avenue
    Talmud Torah Atereth Israel of Cypress Hills
  • Fourth Avenue & 49th Street
    Congregation Emanuel
  • Fourth Avenue & 54th Street
    B’nai Israel
  • 582 Gates Avenue
    Esrath Israel
  • 726 Gates Avenue
    Sons of Abraham
  • 820 Gates Avenue
    Beautiful Temple of Israel
  • 1374 Gates Avenue
    Ahavath Israel
  • 445 Georgia Avenue
    Chevre B’nai Isaach Nusach Ho’ari
  • 27 Glenmore Avenue
    B’nai Israel Ossei Torah
  • 135 Glenmore Avenue
    Israel of Brownsville
  • 137 Glenmore Avenue
    Gemilas Chesed of Greater New York
  • 274 Glenmore Avenue
    Congregation Eliezer of East New York
  • 503 Glenmore Avenue
    Agudath Achim B’nai Jacob
  • 78 Grafton Street
    Linath Hazedek
  • 14 Graham Avenue
    Bikur Cholim
  • 1006 Greene Avenue
    B’nai Adath Kol Beth Israel
  • Greene Avenue, near Carlton Avenue
    Temple Israel
  • 161 Harrison Avenue
    Ahavath Achim
  • 236 Harrison Avenue
    Beth Israel Anshe Emes
  • 220 Hegeman Avenue
    Star of Israel
  • 969 Hegeman Avenue
    Darchai Zedek
  • 394 Hendrix Street
    Ahavath Chesed
  • 450 Hendrix Street
    Chevre Kesher
  • 747 Hendrix Street
    Talmud Torah Atereth Eliezer Glovinsky
  • 859 Hendrix Street
    B’nai Israel
  • 23 Herzl Street
    Chevre Machzike Adath Anshe Sphard
  • 23 Herzl Street
    Zirei Agudath Israel
  • 63 Herzl Street
    Anshei Chesed of Brooklyn
  • 88 Herzl Street
    Chevre Chai Odom Anshe Brownsville
  • 216 Herzl Street
    Russia First Sebelewker Anshe Russia
  • 238 Herzl Street
    Beth Hamedrash Chadever
  • 493 Herzl Street
    Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland Petrikower Anshe Shard of Brownsville
  • 526 Herzl Street
    Beth Israel
  • 21 Hinsdale Street
    Keter Zion Angerov
  • 133 Hinsdale Street
    B’nai Eliezer of East New York
  • 295 Hinsdale Street
    Toras Yechiel
  • 315 Hinsdale Street
    Ohel Abraham
  • 420 Hinsdale Street
    Piaski, Belarus Anshe Piask
  • 665 Hinsdale Street
  • 136 Hooper Street
  • 315 Hooper Street
    Knesseth Israel B’nai Abraham
  • 100 Hopkins Street
    Hungary B’nai Abraham Anshei Hungary
  • 228 Hopkins Street
    Romania Brooklyn Roumanian-American Congregation First Beth Tphilah
  • 316 Hopkinson Avenue Poland Beth Hasidim Anshei Poland Degel B’nai Eretz Israel
  • 436 Hopkinson AvenueTurov, Belarus Anshe Turover
  • 453 Hopkinson Avenue
    Adath B’nai Israel
  • 453 Hopkinson Avenue
    Young Men’s Hebrew Leage Misrachi Congregation
  • 521 Hopkinson Avenue
    Hebrew Ladies Day Nursery Congregation
  • 554 Hopkinson Avenue
    Society for Hebrew Deaf Congregation
  • 770 Hopkinson Avenue
    Beth Abraham
  • 857 Hopkinson Avenue
    Agudas Achim
  • 885 Hopkinson Avenue
    Ozarichi, Belarus? Anshe Azaritz
  • Hopkinson Avenue & Sumner Avenue
    Beth Hifah
  • Hopkinson Avenue & Sutter Avenue
    Young Israel of Brownsville
  • 298 Howard Avenue
    Oheb Zedek
  • 425 Howard Avenue
    Tifereth Hagaon Rabbi Eliezer
  • 425 Howard Avenue
    Tifereth Hagro Talmud Torah
  • 770 Howard Avenue
    Turov, Belarus Anshei Turov
  • 770 Howard Avenue
    Chevre Beth Abraham
  • 813 Howard Avenue
    Brooklyn Hebrew Home & Hospital
  • Howard Avenue & Atlantic Avenue
    B’nai Zedek
  • 366 Hudson Avenue
    Beth Hachneseth Shel Noach Levy
  • 32 Humboldt Street
    Poland Chevre B’nai Abraham Anshei Poland
  • 742 Jefferson Avenue
    Ahavath Chesed
  • 954 Jefferson Avenue
  • 495 Jerome Street
    Atereth Zvi
  • 503 Jerome Street
    Chevre Tomchei Zedakah
  • 124 Johnson Avenue
    Beth Hachneseth d’Chevre B’nai David
  • Johnson Avnue, near Ewen Street
    Ahavath Achim
  • 274 Keap Street
    Brest, Belarus Pride of Israel Anshe Brisk
  • 274 Keap Street
    Khal Kodesh Beth Elohim (1893: Leopold Wintner)
  • 274 Keap Street
    Chevre Anshei Sfard
  • 326 Keap Street, near South Fifth
    Beth Jacob – Anshei Emeth Talmud Torah
  • 3131 Kings Highway
    Rambam Yeshiva
  • 9517-37 Kings Highway
    B’nai Israel Jewish Centre
  • 221 Kingston Avenue
    Shaare Zedek
  • 275 Kingston Avenue
    B’nai Jacob of Eastern Parkway
  • 476 Kosciusko Street
  • 691 Lafayette Avenue
    Agudas Balebatim
  • 691 Lafayette Avenue
    Aitz Chaim
  • 403 Legion Street
    Beth Abraham
  • 1152 Lenox Road
    Jewish Congregation
  • Lenox Road & East 55th Street
    Agudas Achim Anshei Sfard
  • 19 Leonard Street
    Galicia Oheb Sholom Anshei Sfard Galicia
  • 99 Leonard StreetB’nai Abraham Anshei Brooklyn
  • 3 Lewis Avenue
    Bialystok, Poland Bialystoker Bikur Cholim
  • 904 Liberty Avenue
    Atereth Israel
  • 1477 Lincoln Place
    Etz Chaim Machzikei Hadas
  • 1616 Lincoln Place
    Jewish Congregation
  • 123 Linden Boulevard
    Jewish Home for the Aged
  • 661 Linden Boulevard
    East Flatbush Jewish Center
  • 1380 Linden Boulevard
    Boulevard Jewish Center
  • 592 Linwood Street
    Chevre T’hillim Nusach Ashkenaz
  • 396 Logan Street
    Chevre Ahavath Achim B’nai Abraham
  • Lorimer & Stagg Streets
    Ahavath Chesed
  • 305 Lott Avenue
    Tykocin, Poland? Tiktiver (Tiktiner?) Congregation
  • 309 Lott Avenue
    Moriah Congregation
  • 87 Louisiana Avenue Darshay Tov
  • 41 Malta Street
    Alleppo Congregation – Agudath Achim Anshei New Lots
  • 71 Malta Street
    Synagogue of Friendship, Truth & Brotherhood Kastorialis
  • 31 Manhattan Avenue
    Krasilov, Ukraine Chevre Sphard Anshei Krasilev
  • 51 Manhattan Avenue
    Chevre Sphard
  • 56 Manhattan Avenue
    Sighet, Romania Chevre Agudath Achim Wisnist Anshei Marmarish
  • 955 Manhattan Avenue
  • 153 Marcy Avenue
    Beth Sholom
  • 260 Marcy Avenue
  • 519 Marcy Avenue
    B’nai Jacob
  • 592 Marcy Avenue
    Kahal Ahavas Achim
  • 1706 McDonald Avenue
    Chevre Shas & Mishnayes of Flatbush
  • 153 McKibbin Street
    Odessa, Ukraine Chevre Shaarei Tphillah Sphard Anshei Odessa
  • 153 McKibbin Street
    Beth Yeshaje
  • 184 McKibbin Street
    Klodawa, Poland Mikro Kodesh Anshe Klodovo
  • 77 Meeker Avenue
    B’nai Joseph
  • 2301 Mermaid Avenue
    Shaare Zedek of Coney Island
  • 61 Meserole Street
    Beth Talmud Torah
  • 674 Metropolitan Avenue
    Ahavath Achim
  • 674 Metropolitan Avenue
    Williamsburg Congregation Benevolent Society
  • 82 Montgomery
    Street Menuchat Usher
  • 12 Moore Street
    Poland Sheveth Achim Anshei Ratshos Poland
  • 33 Moore Street
    Kamin Kashersk Anshei Sphard
  • 46 Moore Street
    Beth Hamedrash Hagadol of Williamsburg
  • 50 Moore Street
    Beth Haknesseth Adath B’nai Israel
  • 50 Moore Street
    Chevre Beth Yakov Zvie
  • 93 Moore Street
    Chevre Kadische
  • 104 Moore Street
    Berdichev, Ukraine Bertichev Chevre Anshei Sphard
  • 113 Moore Street
    Lubien Kujawski, Poland Etz Chaim Anshei Lubin
  • 125 Moore Street
    Zemach Zedek
  • 26 Morell Street
    Ohav Sholom
  • 103 Morell Street
    Stolin, Belarus Agudath Achim Anshei Stolin
  • 144 Newport Street T
    almud Torah Ezrath Achim
  • 327 Ninth Street
    B’nai Scholaum
  • 401 Ninth Street
    B’nai Scholaum
  • 108 Noble Street
    Ahavath Israel of Greenpoint
  • 110 Noble StreetBeth El (1893: M. J. Luebke)
  • 153 Ocean Avenue
    Prospect Park Jewish Center
  • 211 Ocean Avenue
    Orthodox Congregation Lomdei Torah
  • 1010 Ocean Avenue
    Community Temple Beth Ohr
  • 1395 Ocean Avenue
    Progressive Shaari Zedek
  • 3007 Ocean Avenue
    B’nai Israel
  • 35 Osborne Street
    Machzikei Hadeth Anshe Sphard of Brownsville
  • 176 Osborne Street
    Kol Israel of Brownsville
  • 181 Osborne Street
    Nemirov, Ukraine Anshei Nemirov
  • 279 Osborne Street
    Ahenu B’nai Israel Nusach Ashkenaz
  • 305 Osborne Street
    Bikur Cholim Anshe Sphard
  • 306 Osborne Street
    Volkovysk, Belarus Adath Walkovisk of Brownsville
  • 314 Osborne Street
    Anshe Osaretz
  • 315 Osborne Street
    Kobrin & Antopole, Belarus Gemilath Chasodim Anshei Kobrin Horodetz & Antopole
  • 354 Osborne Street
    Machzikei Torah
  • 461 Osborne Street
    Austria Gemilath Chasodim Anshei Austria
  • 607 Osborne Street
    Zhitomir, Ukraine? Anshei Zitower
  • 1676 Park Place
    Anshe Chesed
  • 1703 Park Place
    Lubaczow, Poland Beth David Nusach Sphard Anshe Lubashaw
  • 1741 Park Place
    Chevre B’nai David
  • 1933 Park Place
    Beth Aaron
  • Park Place
    Chevre Kadisha Anshei Emeth
  • 163 Parkville Avenue
    Saratoga Jewish Center
  • 255 Penn Street
  • 276 Pennsylvania Avenue
    Chevre B’nai Jacob Anshei Sphard
  • 341 Pennsylvania AvenueLinas Hazedek v’Esras Achim
  • 363 Pennsylvania Avenue
    Glory of Israel Hebrew Institute
  • 644 Pennsylvania Avenue
    New Lots Talmud Torah
  • 1794 Pitkin Avenue
    Adath Israel of Brownsville
  • 1827 Pitkin Avenue
    Poland Beth Chassidim Anshei Poland
  • 1861 Pitkin Avenue
    B’nai Israel of Brownsville
  • 1946 Pitkin Avenue
    Adath Grail of Brownsville
  • Pitkin Avenue & Douglas Street
    Anshe Chesed
  • 124 Powell Street
    Kol Israel of Brownsville
  • 454 Powell Street
    Young Judah Tifereth Bahurim
  • 460 Powell Street
    Harav Ez Haim Ein Jacob
  • 462 Powell Street
    Jewish Center of Young Judah
  • 1060 President Street
    Young Israel of Botanic Gardens
  • 1060 President Street
    Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Joseph
  • 1115 President Street
    Beth David of Crown Heights
  • 1437 President Street
    Avodath Israel
  • 136 Prospect Avenue
    B’nai Scholaum
  • 136 Prospect Avenue
    B’nai Jacob
  • 554 Prospect Place
    Temple Isaac
  • 1607 Prospect Place
    Beth David
  • 1657 Prospect Place
    Makow Mazowiecki, Poland Beth Joseph Anshe Makawer
  • 1819 Prospect Place
    Re’im Ahuvim
  • 1885 Prospect Place
    Tifereth Israel Talmud Torah
  • 1899 Prospect Place
    Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin
  • 16 Putnam Avenue
    Shaare Zedek
  • 767 Putnam Avenue
    Shaare Zedek
  • 708 Quincy Street
    Shaare Zedek
  • 710 Quincy Street
    Ahavath Achim
  • 373 Ralph Avenue
    Brooklyn Hebrew Orphan Asylum
  • 412 Ralph Avenue
    Sheveth Achim
  • 575 Ralph Avenue
    Beth Hakneseth Ohel Moshe
  • 659 Ralph Avenue
    Temple Israel
  • Ralph Avenue,
    b. Bergen & Dean Chevre Agudas Achim
  • 276 Reid Avenue
    Beth Jacob
  • 105 Riverdale Avenue
    Ahavath Achim Anshe Brownsville
  • 217 Riverdale Avenue
    Zembiner Benevolent Congregation
  • 261 Rochester Avenue
    Temple Petach Tikvah
  • 93 Rockaway Avenue
    Tifereth Israel Anshe Brownsville
  • 612 Rockaway Avenue
    Chevre Anshe Sphard Talmud Torah
  • 695 Rockaway Avenue
    Kohler Brownsville Congregation
  • 57 Rockaway Parkway
    Ohav Sholom
  • 643 Rockaway Parkway
    Levi Yitzchok Stepnav Congregation
  • 98 Rockaway Road
    Linath Hazedek
  • 236 Rogers Avenue
    Young Israel of Botanic Gardens
  • 877 Rutland Road
    Talmud Torah Ahavath Reyim
  • 337 Sackman Street
    Beth Hamedrash Hagadol of Brownsville
  • 410 Sackman Street
    Poland Anshei Nemirov
  • 410 Sackman Street
    Ahavath Achim Anshei Poland
  • 441 Sackman Street
    Chernigov, Ukraine Chevre Agudath Achim Plech Chernigow
  • 441 Sackman Street
    Volkovysk, Belarus Adath Wolkowisker of Brownsville
  • 580 Sackman Street
    Yeshiva Torah mi’Zion
  • 603 Sackman Street
    Stepina, Poland Anshei Stepiner
  • 700 Sackman Street
    Beth Israel
  • 760 Sackman Street
    Talmud Torah Moriah
  • 760 Sackman Street
    Ahavath v’Achdus Israel
  • 771 Sackman Street
    Beth Israel of Brownsville
  • 176 Saratoga Avenue
    Hebrew Educational Center
  • 297 Saratoga Avenue
    Yeshivath HaGaon Rabbi Elijah
  • 321 Saratoga Avenue
    Yeshiva Hagro
  • 373 Saratoga Avenue
    Poland Linath Hacholim Anshei Poland
  • 379 Saratoga Avenue
    Congregation Sphard Ameth
  • 855 Saratoga Avenue
    Agudath Achim Anshei Harodic
  • 437 Schenck Avenue
    Mogen Abraham of East New York
  • 818 Schenck Avenue
    East New York Jewish Center
  • 777 Schenectady Avenue
    Beth Hamedrash Hagadol of East Flatbush
  • 305 Schermerhorn
    Street Mount Sinai Congregation
  • 98 Scholes Street
    Ahavath Sholom Beth Aaron
  • 311 Sea Breeze Avenue
    Gemilas Chesed
  • 335 Sheffield Avenue
    Chevre Mishnayes of East New York
  • 23 Siegel Street
    Austria Tifereth Israel of Austria
  • 40 Siegel Street
    Austria Chevre Ahavath Achim Anshei Sphard of Austria
  • 42 Siegel Street
    B’nai Jacob
  • 90 Siegel Street
    Shaarei Torah of Brooklyn
  • 137 Smith Street
    Anshei Kether
  • 247 Snediker Avenue
    Independent Chevre Sphard of Pereyaslov
    Pereyaslav Khmelnitskiy, Ukraine
  • 524 Snediker Avenue
    Sfard Anshei Poland
    Poland Chevre
  • 725 Snediker Avenue
    Chevre Ohev Sholom Anshei New Lots
  • 113 South 2nd Street
    Adas Yeshurun Anshei Sfard
  • 199 South 2nd Street
    Adas Yeshurun
  • 352 South 2nd Street
  • 141 South 3rd Street
    Torah Vodaath High School
  • 274 South 3rd Street
    Beth Jacob Anshe Sholom
  • 322 South 4th Street
  • 275 South 5th Street
    Chevrer Liady Nusach Ho’Ary
  • 143 South 8th Street
  • 86 South 9th Street
    Tfilah Moshe
  • 171 South 9th Street
    Kahal Raatzfert
  • 267 South First Street
    Beth Aaron of Brooklyn
  • 1796 St. Johns Place
    Chevre Torah Anshe Chesed
  • 1552 St. Marks Place
    First Sfardi Tiferes Israel
  • 1590 St. Marks Place
    Beth Aaron
  • 1698 St. Marks Place
    Yeshiva Torah Vodaath Congregation
  • 163 Stanhope Street
    Anshe Emes
  • 657 Stanley Avenue
  • 858 Stanley Avenue
    B’nai Jonah
  • 305 State Street
    Mount Sinai Congregation
  • State Street; near Hoyt
    Beth Elohim
  • 1758 Sterling Place
    Chevre Sheveth Achim Anshe Sfard
  • 1811 Sterling Place
    Sokolka, Poland Ein Jacob Anshe Sokolka
  • 1869 Sterling Place
    Beth Solomon
  • 188 Stockton Street
    Anshe Sphard
  • 396 Stone Avenue
    Hebrew Free School
  • 504 Stone Avenue
    Chevre Agudath Achim Anshei Sheshew
  • 543 Stone Avenue
    Poland Ahavas Achm Anshei Polin
  • 543 Stone Avenue
    Kneseth Israel Beth Jacob
  • 600 Stone Avenue
    Talmud Torah Etz Chayim v’Chevre Ein Jacob
  • 617 Stone Avenue
    Borisov, Belarus Chevre Anshei Borizov of Brownsville
  • 623 Stone Avenue
    Yeshiva Torah v’Zion
  • 639 Stone Avenue
    Talmud Torah Beth Judah
  • 708 Stone Avenue
    Kobrin, Belarus Agudath Achim Gemiluth Hesed Anshe Kobrin
  • 747 Stone Avenue
    David Gorodok, Belarus Agudath Achim Anshe David Hurodoch
  • 467-471 Stone Avenue
    Etz Hayim Machzikei Harav Anshei Brownsville
  • 1863 Strauss Street
    Hevre Torah Anshe Chesed
  • 52 Stuyvesant Avenue
  • 23 Sumner Avenue
    Austria-Hungary First Austro-Hungarian Beth Sholom
  • 22 Sumner Place
    Wolin, Poland Beth Hakneseth Chevre Sphard Anshe Wohlin
  • 2801 Surf Avenue
    Young Israel of Coney Island
  • 167 Sutter Avenue
    David Gorodok, Belarus Agudath Achim Anshei David Hurodoch
  • 267 Sutter Avenue
    Lomza, Poland Chevre Poalei Zedek Anshei Lomza
  • 403 Sutter Avenue
    Turov, Belarus? Anshei Turo
  • 451 Sutter Avenue
    Pitkin Jewish Center
  • 866 Sutter Avenue
    Sons of Judah
  • 1087 Sutter Avenue
    Chevre Anshei Zedek
  • Sutter Avenue & Ashford Street
  • Sutter Avenue & Barbey Street
  • 64 Tehema Street
    Congregation Talmud Torah
  • 4314 Tenth Avenue
    Toras Moshe Jewish Center
  • 159 Thatford Avenue
    Chevre Tehillim
  • 175 Thatford Avenue
    Machzikei Hadas Anshe Sfard
  • 233 Thatford Avenue
    Kiyev, Ukraine Beth Hakneseth Anshe Kiever-Homler
  • 256 Thatford Avenue
    Chevre T’hillim Keter Israel
  • 287 Thatford Avenue
    Meyer Zwi Congregation
  • 135-37 Thatford Avenue
    Ohav Sholom
  • 159 Throop Avenue
    Keter Torah Chono David
  • 315 Troy Avenue
    Tifereth Chaim
  • 262 Union Avenue
  • Van Buren Street
    Gates of Prayer
  • 19 Varet Street
    Oheb Sholom of Brooklyn
  • 36 Varet Street
    Karlin, Belarus Chevre Beth Israel Chasidei Karlin
  • 148 Varet Street
    Wolin, Poland Chevre Mishnayes Anshei Wohlin
  • 148 Varet Street
    Chevre B’nai Schlomo
  • 165 Varet Street
    Chevre T’hillim & Mishnayes of Brooklyn
  • 471 Vermont Street
    Anshei Krasnikof of New York
  • 171 Vernon Street
    Ohel Moshe
  • 261 Wallabout Street
  • 307 Wallabout Street
    Sheveth Achim Anshei Retchones
  • 420 Wallabout Street
    Asifas Israel
  • Washington Street
    Bikur Cholim
  • 51 Watkins Street
    Austria-Hungary First Hungarian Austrian Shaare Tefillah
  • 154 Watkins Street
    Bikur Cholim Anshei Sphard
  • 195 Watkins Street
    Lubavichi, USSR? Agudath Achim Anshe Lebowitz
  • 195 Watkins Street
    Tifereth Israel Nusach Ho’Ari Anshei Brownsville
  • 248 Watkins Street
    Turov, Belarus Anshe Turow
  • 248 Watkins Street
    Ein Jacob of Brownsville
  • 369 Watkins Street
    Chevre Charney Anshe Zedek
  • 391 Watkins Street
    Krasnosielc, Poland Independent Krasneshitz of Brownsville
  • 391 Watkins Street
    Stepina, Poland Erste Stepiner Congregation
  • 392 Watkins Street
    Zembin, Belarus Zembiner Congregation
  • 418 Watkins Street
    Tifereth Aaron v’Israel
  • 421 Watkins Street
    Zhitomir, Ukraine Anshe Zhitomer
  • 1656 West 10th Street
    Temple Beth El
  • 2324 West 13th Street
    Marlboro Jewish Center
  • 2916 West 25th Street
    Beth Hamedrash Hagadol of Coney Island
  • 2860 West 31st Street
    Beth Medrash Macxhzikei Talmud Torah
  • 2955 West 31st Street
    Chevre Bikur Cholim
  • 2874 West 32nd Street
    Agudath Hachasidim Anshe Chabad
  • 2971 West 3rd Street
    Chevre Kadisha Anshei Emeth
  • West 5th Street
    Adath Israel
  • West 5th Street
    Chevre Kadisha Anche Emeth
  • 1613 West 7th Street
  • 1915 West 7th Street
    Tifereth Israel
  • 58 Williams Avenue
    Talmud Torah Or Chodosh
  • 361 Williams Avenue
    Ahavath Achim B’nai Pesach
  • 367 Williams Avenue
    Agudath Achim Anshei Sphard of East New York
  • 367 Williams Avenue
    Agudas Achim Sons of Rabbi Chaim Halberstam
  • 391 Williams Avenue
    Talmud Torah Sdey Chodosh
  • 611 Williams Avenue
    Beth Hamedrash Hagadol of East New York
  • 699 Williams Avenue
    United Sephardim of Brooklyn
  • 569 Willoughby Avenue
  • 665 Willoughby Avenue
    Tifereth Israel
  • 730 Willoughby Avenue
    Young Israel of Williamsburg
  • 1062 Winthrop Street
    Young Israel of East Flatbush & Brownsville

1915 New York State Census Leads to Breakthrough

Like most of you, genealogy is a hobby of mine. I think we all would like to have more time to build our family tree, and we would like to more easily track down our ancestors. With Ancestry.com recently updating their 1940 U.S. Census to make searchable Brooklyn, New York City and in fact all of New York State, we have just had our job made much easier.

That was something we had been expecting, and waiting for. What was not expected, was the release of the 1892, 1915 and 1925 New York State Census’s. As I am sure most of you can relate to, I have a branch of my family tree that has remained a mystery for years. When I hear Ancestry.com has indexed the 1940 census I immediately type in that same name I have typed in a hundred times before – John N Murray, Born 1882 in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York. The results this time however, were very different. There was no immediate match in 1940, but at the top of my search results, right next to my saved records from 1900, 1910, and 1930 were 2 perfect matches that I had never seen before. The 1915 and 1925 New York State Census Reports.

There has been a New York Police Census of 1890 out for many years, but it is basically useless, this State census is however, the opposite. Including such information as address, names of all family members, ages and profession, this report is every bit as informative as the U.S census, and in fact appears to be modeled after it. It includes everything you would expect to find, except the birthplace of each parent (which I have found is incidentally not included in the 1940 U.S. census).

In this specific case of John N Murray Sr, Born 1882, I knew who he was married to in 1910, a Miss Catherine Twyford, a clothing store saleslady from the same Red Hook neighborhood (I have spent many hours searching all her siblings descendants) and I know they had 3 children, 2 of which were boys with the very common names of William and John, and the oldest, a female named Agnes. These 3 children were my grandfather’s cousins. I also had a very likely match for him in 1930, living with a different wife, Anna, and a young daughter, Mildred. I used the fact that he was exactly the right age, holding the same profession as an Iron Worker, and having both parents birthplaces of Brooklyn and Germany being correct as the “proof” needed to make this match.

The new 1925 census confirmed the same household at 285 Himrod St, Brooklyn, including wife Anna Murray (nee. Scholl) and 3 year old daughter, Mildred. No earth shattering revolution there, but as any genealogist knows, a 2nd source to back up every detail from a person’s name, to their age, is very important when searching for ancestors.

1915 New York Census

The real break came from the 1915 census. Before finding that I had the 1910 census and then the WWI Draft Card, badly damaged, for John N Murray. This WWI card from 1918 has his oldest sister listed as his nearest relative, not his wife, Catherine, leading me to believe that the couple had either divorced, or John was widowed. I could not find a trace of John, Catherine or any of the 3 children in the 1920 census (and still have not). What the 1915 census did was to finally provide clarity on this case, and also provided me with the names of 2 new children, born between 1910 and 1915. One was Theresa, born 1912 and Robert, listed as 47 days of age on census date on June 1st, making his birthday about April 12th, 1915. The clarity I mentioned came from Johns marital status as a widow. Rarely in genealogy do you get so lucky as to find out from a census exactly when somebody died, but with a child being 47 days old and the father being a widow, you have that 47 day window for the death of the mother, which is very necessary when searching a common name like “Catherine Murray”.

A quick search of New York Birth, Marriage and Death records provides me with a perfect match, a 34 year old Catherine Murray from Kings County, that died 2 weeks after Robert was born.


Holy Cross Cemetery

Searching Holy Cross Cemetery provided me with her gravesite.

Sometimes the biggest source of genealogical discovery is burial information with the other names on an ancestors tombstone being the children, or other unknown family members. This can provide you with much needed dates of death, and married names of daughters. This is invaluable when you have no clues for ancestors with common names. The bad news in this particular case was that there was only one other person in that grave, Robert, her 47 day old son who did not live very long, dying at 6 month of age on November 15th, 1915.

Ancestry.com connection

About a month ago I received notification that somebody was saving some of the same records I had saved on Ancestry.com. I looked at this persons’ family tree, and saw that they added my John Murray section of the family, but not a lot of the information matched. One of the discrepencies was that there was a sister named Theresa. Also, the first born of the family was named Ruth, and not “Agnes”, as in my John Murrays family. After e-mailing this person and asking why they thought our families were a match, she explained that her father had told her he remembers a “Willie” and a John (which are match’s), and that “Ruth” was the Jewish name of the converted Agnes Murray, after marriage. WOW! What seemed to be the case of another ancestry.com member jumping the gun, turned out to be an actual match, and the Great Granddaughter of my John N. Murray.

When I said earlier that there was no match for these children of John Murray in the 1920 census, I kinda lied. There are matches, in Orphanages, and “Asylums”. I never gave those much consideration, because I knew with 95% certainty that their father was living with another wife and raising a daughter born in 1921, in 1930 census. How could he have 4 children between the ages of 8 – 16 in orphanages in 1920’s census, and in the meantime I have his marriage record to Anna Scholl on June 20th, 1920!? The family lore provided from my new cousin on Ancestry.com is that Agnes, or “Ruth” did infact provide that she and her siblings were raised in orphanages for a period of time. It appears my John Murray either had his children taken from him, or he possibly abandoned them.

R.C. House of Good Shepherd

House of the Good Shepherd, home to Agnes Murray in 1920.

My source did not have much information on brothers William and John, but if her father remembered them, then they had to have lived until the 1950’s at least. Knowing that, and the new details of their childhood, I can begin to find them in the 1920 census and beyond. 16 year old Agnes is located easily as an “Inmate” and a machine Operator in the Roman Catholic “House of the Good Shepherd” located on Hopkinson Ave, in East New York. She was in the Pacific Street Wing, which was the “Juvenile Delinquent Reformatory”.

I hope for the best as I research these 2 brothers. Whatever I find though, I realize that none of it would have been possible whithout the 1915 New York State Census.