Main research goal: Identify native American Ancestors 

Area of Research: Midwestern U.S. 

 Mr. Murray has done an outstanding job in organizing and collecting the data. I merely gave him my grandmother’s name and he was able to trace the history back from her. While, he was not able to find any Indian blood like I had hoped, he did open up other possibilities and allowed me to find other relatives and leads there. In only two hours, Mr. Murray had traced my history back several generations and even forwarded me an image of a grave site. I was very impressed with the quality of work and his communication skills to me.


Andrew Lechlak, 21, Ohio


Main research goal: Locate lost friend and family 

Area of Research: New York & East Coast 

“Mr. Murray discovered all sorts of information about family members – some of whom I didn’t know existed! I had also been searching the Internet for over 5 years for information on a friend who had suddenly “disappeared” from my life. Within a few hours he discovered when and where she had died, as well as information about her remaining family! He is very efficient and dependable. “



Cecilia Dierson, 68, New York

Main research goal: Information on Grandmother

Area of Research: Brooklyn NY, New England

 With BrooklynAncestry.coms help, my family has learned when my grandparents were married and where. He also gave us the information needed to receive a copy of their marriage certificate. All within 10 minutes.

He has been able to trace our family back to the 1600s, filling in the gaps of our family tree. We even found out that a book was written about 1 of our ancestors. I can’t thank Brooklyn Ancestry enough for helping me find the answers Id been looking for.


Carol S & family


Main research goal: Find Lost Relatives 

Area of Research: New York 

“My mother was always talking about growing up in Brooklyn and seeing some of her distant family at holidays and I decided to try to find them. I had no idea what something like this would cost but this site found them for very cheap and in 1 day! after 50 years of not knowing what happened to them when the families moved away and only knowing a few names I was blown away by how fast they were found.”


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