Italian Genealogy

We are working to provide more Italian and Sicilian genealogy records to the site as time goes on.  We Hope you find the lists and links useful.

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Palermo City Marriage Records 1820-1895

A & B – Palermo Marriages

C Palermo – Marriages

D & E – Palermo Marriages

F & G – Palermo Marriages

H,I,J,K,L – Palermo Marriages

M – Palermo Marriages

N,O,P – Palermo Marriages

Q, R & S – Palermo Marriages

T,U,V,W,X,Y & Z Palermo Marriages

Palermo City Birth Records 1896-1905

A & B – Palermo Births

C – Palermo Births

D & E – Palermo Births

F & G – Palermo Births

H,I,J,K,L – Palermo Births 

M – Palermo Births 

N,O,P,Q – Palermo Births

R,S – Palermo Births

T,U,V,W,Z – Palermo Births

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  1. I checked in your Palermo records today and found the marriage certificate for the parents of my great-grandfather. Nice to be able to get his grandmother’s name correct, and also find her maiden name. Thanks!

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