New York Marriage Records

1917 New York Marriage Certificate
New York Marriage Certificates can be a great source for information, found on few other documents

Benefits of Marriage Certificates

Sometimes when you are building a family tree, certain information is not readily available, and the perfect place to find much of this information is in New York Marriage Records. Three different Maiden names, addresses and specific birth locations of both bride and groom. Sometimes this information can not be found on either U.S or State Census reports, newspaper articles, or any other documents that proves easy to view online.

Finding New York Vital Records

The hard part of the process is finding the exact date, location and the certificate number that is necessary to order a certificate from the New York City Department of Vital Records. Unless you have the time to learn all the in’s and out’s of the genealogy database’s available, hiring a Genealogist is certainly your best option.

Guarantee Of Results

We do not do business the same way as other genealogy websites here at when It comes to ordering these marriage records. In most cases, we will be able to locate the record and have all the information ready to place the order with the Department of Vital Records, before you pay us.

We can order Marriage certificates up until the year 1929, Birth certificates prior to 1910, and Death certificates prior to 1949. Contact us now with your families details to get started.

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Italian Records

Although not in New York, this addition page in includes years of Birth and Marriage records from the City of Palermo on our Italian Genealogy page that many New Yorkers will find very useful.

12 thoughts on “New York Marriage Records”

  1. Looking for marriage certificate for Joseph Laino b 24 Feb 1890 Italy (father Luigi Laino) and Adeline Mary Reilly b. abt 1885 New York. Married bet. 1910 and 1914. Probably in Brooklyn. Listed as married at 1385 Park Place in 1915 Census living in Brooklyn.

    1. I have found the information needed to order the document. Visit the payment page to make payment, and I can place the order immediately. Thanks Larry. Edit – Document has been ordered. Email me Larry so I can notify you as soon as I get the record in.

  2. Hi, thanks for your site.

    I found the document number of my grandparents’ 1910 Manhattan marriage. If I order the marriage record from the NYC Municipal Archive, do you know if they send you only the Marriage Certificate, or do they also send you the Affidavit for License to Marry and the Marriage License?

    I need to find out my grandfather’s parents’ names and this info might not be on the Certificate, but it would be on the Affidavit and the License. But does NYC only send you the Certificate, not the more important documents?

    My grandparents lived in Brooklyn most of their lives, but apparently married in Manhattan.

    Thanks if you can help me with this.

  3. Thanks for the reply. Is this because they don’t have the Affidavit and License, only the Certificate? Is there any way to get the Affidavit and License?

    I’ve seen some New York marriage certificates from that era online and some of them had the parents’ names and some didn’t. But those names are definitely on the Affidavit and License.

    Also, I read that the NYC Municipal Archives has two different sets of marriage records from that era. One set was made by the Dept. of Health and the other by the City Clerk. I read that the one from the City Clerk usually has more information.

    So, it seems that there are a lot of documents that they don’t send you. Is there a way to get them?

    Thanks again.

    1. Why are you assuming the info you need wont be on it Marriage certificate? There are plenty of other ways to find the parents names that you are looking for. Im assuming you have exhausted all of these areas. So it is time to order the document. Its not very expensive and I would expect good results.

  4. looking for a second marriage for rosanna Fitzpatrick o’neill,some time after 1905,as first husband died in 1905,she was from Ireland,her father was Thomas Fitzpatrick,mother was anne martin,she lived in Brooklyn,ny.

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