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Why Hire a Genealogist?

Everybody has the responsibility to recognize and honor the actions and the sacrifices of their ancestors.  It is easy to know that your grandfather was a WWII hero, but did his father serve in WWI?  Do you have an ancestors that served in the Civil War?  Sometimes these discoveries can be made by a genealogist on the first day of research.  Every generation in your family tree played an important part in your genealogy and are worthy of your recognition and praise. Honor them by bringing their memory back to life to carry on for generations to come.

New York Genealogy Services

When you hire a genealogist from you are hiring a genealogist experienced a full range of Genealogical Research Services in New York, and more specifically in Brooklyn. Aimed at keeping the service as affordable  as possible, every attempt to conduct research using online Genealogical databases is made.  In most cases our hourly rate ranging from $5-$25 will return your desired results, and all the information you need.  Do not be fooled by genealogists that claim they need $65 hr from day 1 to cover travel expenses and time spent in a courthouse.  We can first research the following categories online:

Online New York Genealogical Resources

  • Brooklyn Newspapers
  • New York City Housing Records
  • Veterans Gravesites
  • New York Birth, Marriage and Death Records
  • New York Cemetery Records
  • New York State and National Inmate Records
  • Federal and New York State Census Reports
  • Military Draft Records
  • New York City and Brooklyn Directories and Phone Book Listings
  • Immigration Records
  • Much more


Not until all the online records have been exhausted should you ever consider paying a genealogist more than you would be charged on this site. After these genealogical resources stop producing results, it may be time to hire a genealogist from this site or another, to visit one of the many New York Public Libraries,  Cemeteries, Churches or the New York City Municipal Archives, and begin paying a higher fee for that additional service.   Hiring us to begin building your family tree, or to help get past that point you have been stuck at for years may be the smartest money ever spent on your genealogy research.

Build Your Family Tree

If you are old enough you have undoubtedly seen many changes within the community you lived in as a child. But what will it look like in 120 years from now? Where will your great – great grandchildren be living? How many children will they have? What will their profession be? Will they have any idea who you are and what your role in their family history was?   While it may be impossible to look ahead to the lives of your descendants, it certainly is possible to look back and find out exactly who your ancestors were. Whether your interest is in tracing your lineage back to the old country, finding living relatives, or just learning the details of your family in the 19th and early 20th centuries, there is a good chance I can uncover a good amount of information in just a few short hours.   Don’t pass up the opportunity while it lasts.

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