Irish Surnames

If you decide to not hire a Genealogist, you may find yourself trying to determine what an unfamiliar Irish last name is from an old document, such as a Death Certificate or a Marriage Record. This list will help identify some of those names.

List of Most Common Irish Last Names

1. Murphy – the sea battlers
2. Kelly – the bright-headed ones
3. O’Sullivan – the hawkeyed ones
4. Walsh – the Welshmen
5. O’Brien – the noblemen
6. Byrne – the ravens
7. Ryan – the little kings
8. O’Connor – patrons of warriors
9. O’Neill – from a champion, Niall of the Nine Hostages
10. O’Reilly

Note – The names Smith and Murray both made the top 10, but Smith is British and Murray of Scottish origin, so they are excluded from the list.


Tracing Your Irish Family History

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